Project started: January 2020 | Fundraising goal: EUR 17.000 then EUR 2000 yearly

In 2019 Trivium Foundation started a cooperation with Sambavanille, one of the leading vanila producers in Madagascar. Together with Sambavanille, De Monchy Natural Products and Trivium Foundation investigated the possibilities to improve the livelihoods of the vanilla farmers and their families. Both companies are very committed to helping those in the supply chain who need our help most.

We performed a stakeholder analysis to map our target groups and identify the most pressing needs. Zo Randria (local employee of DMNP) visited several possible locations in the region of SAVA, together with local employees of Sambavanille. For this particular project they chose the location of Ambohimanarina; a village between Sambava and Andapa.

They decided that a proper school building is much needed in this region. The conditions that should form a basis for decent education (a building, teachers skills, and infrastructure) are lacking or not sufficiently provided. Besides, the former school building was damaged due to severe weather circumstances. Children were exposed to intense sun, heat and rains.

There is strong evidence that high-quality infrastructure facilitates teaching, improves student outcomes, and reduces dropout rates, among other benefits. For that reason we are building a fully equipped school, including 4 well-ventilated classrooms, toilets, a library, a playground, a vegetable garden and a kitchen.

The construction started in January 2020 and will most likely take 4 months. We expect to inaugurate the school in Q3 2020.