Monchy Trivium Bolivia

Project Started: 2019.

Last year we visited one of the Monchy Trivium projects in the heart of the amazon region in Bolivia. In 2019 the construction of a new state of the art school has started as a replacement of the old outdated school. The new facility has been finalized last year and generates a huge social and economic impact in the region, where the Brazil nut industry is the most important source of income.

Vietnam Project

Project Started: 2022

In 2022, the Trivium Foundation started a project in one of the communities included in Rhumveld’s cashew nut supply chain. Together with our local partner Target Agriculture Vietnam, we investigated the possibilities to improve the farmers’ livelihoods and their families located in the hill of Sok Bu Nhui, Doan Key Hamlet, and Duc Phonh district within the Bihn Phuoc province.

Hopetown – South Africa

Project Started: 2017

The Trivium Foundation is supporting children from the Grange Primer School in Witput with bursaries for high-quality High Schools in the area, like Hoërskool Hopetown , in the Northern Cape town of Hopetown.

Fortaleza, Pando – Bolivia

Project Started: March 2019

The Trivium Foundation is supporting a school project in the rural areas of the Pando department in Bolivia, together with the Federico Hecker Foundation. More than 80 indigenous families will benefit from this project.

Ilha do Goiabal – Brazil

Project Started: October 2019

Recently, the management of the foundation visited a community in Ilha do Goiabal in the state of Maranhão, Brazil. The community is involved in our carnauba wax supply chain. It became very apparent how necessary our involvement is.