Trivium Foundation Meton was officially established in September 2019 and is an initiative of Stichting Trivium Foundation Meton and its operating companies Rhumveld Winter and Konijn B.V. (RWK), Foodtrend, Notenbeurs, De Monchy International B.V. (DMI) and De Monchy Natural Products B.V. (DMNP). The foundation aims to contribute to improving livelihoods of communities and smallholder farmers involved in the group’s supply chains through education and training, and the implementation of regenerative agricultural practices.

In collaboration with local partners, Trivium has started projects in Brazil (2019), South Africa (2019), Bolivia (2019 & 2021), Madagascar (2020) and Vietnam (2022).

We regularly visit our suppliers and the communities that provide our products. Visiting these communities, often located in isolated areas, motivated us to create change and provide these families a better future. By giving the children access to quality education, we are expanding their opportunities to reach their full potential.

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How Can You help us make a difference?

With your support we can continue to work on improving the living conditions of communities involved in our supply chain. We will build schools, community centers and address the most pressing needs. Together we can make a difference.

Trivium Foundation
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